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Title: Sexy Voice 2017 / 야한 목소리 – 쏠리네
Directed by: Lee Du Hee 이두희
Stars: Baek Se-ri 백세리, Isu 이수, Lee Yoo-chan 이유찬, Sin Seong-hoon 신성훈
Realease: 2017.02.16 (South Korea)
Language: Korean | Subtitle: Subscene
Genre: Drama, Erotic, Adult,
Country: South Korea | More Info | HDDRip 720p


Plot: In the countryside, with a dream of a voice actor, Lia is a car that has been disappointed because of the voice test, but accidentally comes to see the announcement of the voice actor, but there is a place to read the story. But I think that it is the practice of voice actors and work hard. Sung-tae, who had difficulty operating the site,
When the company’s sales show explosive response, Leah has a black heart. In order to save Leah, who is in trouble, Lee and Chung – bum are born with love.
On the other hand, Leia, who always worried about her daughter in the countryside, Chae Young is betraying the site closure due to wrong judgment of sexuality, sexuality ..
Their relationship is only twisted.

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