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Title: Our Ex Girlfriends / 우리들의 헤어진 여자친구 (uli-deul-eui hee-o-jin yeo-ja-chin-gu)
Directed by: Lee Kwang-ho-I (이광호)
Stars: Joo Yeong-ho 주영호, Kim I-soo (김이수), Kim Ji-eon (김지언), Kim Soo-ji (김수지), Oh Yeon-jae 오연재, Shim Ho-seong 심호성
Realese Date: 2013/08/29 (South Korea)
Language: Korean | Subtitle: Subscene
Genre: Drama, Erotic, Adult,
Country: South Korea | More Info | HDRip


Plot: Jae-hyeon is about to return to university after military service and making moneny by selling sweet potatoes. One day a regular customer and call girl Hye-ri asks him to be friends and Jae-hyeon, who was interested in her, says yes. One evening he sees her getting beaten up by her pimp husband and Jae-hyeon rushes to help her. They get close from this point on and spends a night together. However, she’s hurt the next day when she sees the money he’s left for her and never sees him again.

Time passes and Jae-hyeon gets a job at an insurance company, living a dull life when she appears once again. They fall in love like they met destiny and start living together. Jae-hyeon is exhausted supporting Hye-ri who suddenly wants to become an actress and their relationship starts to crack. To make things worse, she quit her night job so her pimp husband was looking for her everywhere and pressuring on Jae-hyeon….

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