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Title: The Agony of Body / 극강쾌락 여인천하 / グックガング喜び女人天下
Directed by: Teijaga
Stars: 北条麻妃 Hozo Maki, 川上ゆう Yuu Kawakami
Realease: 2015 (Japan) 2017-03-01 (South Korea)
Language: Japanese | Subtitle: Subscene
Genre: Drama, Erotic, Adult
Country: Japan | More Info | HDRip

Plot: Yuu, who had been dreaming of her husband and newlyweds, got a seizure at home as soon as she set up her new home.
The husband has hidden his life without knowing his life, and she is sold to a factory.
There were women who sold their bodies to men.
Makie, the owner of the place, and the granddaughter, are worried about Yu
I’m sure she’ll bend over as much as she likes.
As expected, one month later, Yuu is the most popular number for reservations.
But she started to harass her other women,
Yuu also becomes uneasy whether she can stay there. Maki who congratulates her handing her husband’s return notification to her concerned.
Makie suggests a 3P with the guests at the factory to let Yuu finally enjoy it together.
Yuu accepts the proposal and enjoys his office without any reason, suddenly the detectives appear in the factory.
The detectives found the person responsible for violating the abolition order,
Maki is taken to be the chief of his own on behalf of the two …

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