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Title: Piano Lesson / 변태인간 – 시간여행 / 変態人間 – 時間旅行
Directed by: Wataru Oku
Stars: Kawasaki Kotaro, Rika Hoshimi
Realease: 2014 (Japan) 2015-04-08 (South Korea)
Language: Japanese | Subtitle: Subscene
Genre: Drama, Erotic, Adult
Country: Japan | More Info | HDRip

Plot: Daisuke is a triple student who has failed for three years at the entrance examination of a prestigious university
It is a pair with a mischievous athlete Mr. Hiroshi who is called doctor whom I met in the same entrance school. You have 30 years of know-how in the entrance examination (?) To use the kerning tools
I’ve invented it, but I’ve never been successful.
One day, Daisuke accidentally dropped the inventions, The glasses were picked up, but in fact, the glasses were equipped with a time-stop function to stop the space-time while holding your breath. On the other hand, I stumbled across the street one day at a newspaper delivery station to work part time
Daisuke was reunited with Miho, the perfect girl of the ideal type.
She was also a re-enrollment student preparing for the T-test, and she mistook Daisuke for T-life. They ask me to study, and the two become suddenly friendly. Daisuke who entered the room of Miho using time-stop glasses
She steals her secretly and sees her boyfriend visiting her house. It turns out that her boyfriend was a real T grandmother Teruo, who was the lecturer in charge of Daisuke’s entrance school.

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