[18+ Japan] Deep Greed Affair Wife 2015 HDRip

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Title: Deep Greed Affair Wife 2015 / ブルリュンニョの欲望
Directed by: Teijaga
Stars:Maki Amamiya
Realease: 2015 Japan
Language: Japanese | Subtitle: Subscene
Genre: Drama, Erotic, Adult,
Country: Japan | More Info | DVDRip



Plot: Makiko has been struggling with the strange feeling of her husband recently Yoshino, a detective who has had a relationship with her past, will be asked for her husband’s inquiry. As expected, my husband was rescuing my house from the wind and was cheering. Yoshino hands Makiko a picture of her husband and affectionate woman affectionately photographed. I’ve got evidence, but I can not even run my husband right away. Makiko is captivated by jealousy that can not be out of control. I confessed my frustrated mind to Yoshino, Yoshino encourages her husband to get back at the same time and soothe her mind. And he became an adultery partner and made a relationship with Makiko, Makiko falls into a relationship with him because of the vengeance or despair. Unfortunately, the house that my husband asked for a place to meet was next door to Yoshino, Makiko and her husband meet each other’s affair with each other.

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