[18+ Japan] A Job At Love Hotel 2015 HDRip

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Title: A Job At Love Hotel / 爆房有情人
Directed by: Kiyoto Kawamura
Stars: Miyuki Yokoyama, Yuuko Sakurai, Sasa Handa
Realease: 2015 (Japan) 2015-03-06 (South Korea)
Subtitle: Subscene
Genre: Drama, Erotic, Adult,
Country: Japan | More Info | HDRip


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Plot: A street, four young men begging day even met a rich woman, “alms” him, and he became her, and for her to provide sexual services. Then the man sent the woman to the clock hotel waiter, after he met a female staff member and learn how to clean the room. Guests of thing after another, so that they spend a lot of time to clean every day. Over time, this “energetic” juvenile female staff there “sexual fantasy”, but would like to perform at the clock hotel room to have sex. Later, he fell in love with the female staff, but he knew he had a “prostitute” to a rich woman, of course, did not forget the day of his mercy. But the man has “fallen into the Sea”, actually to the female staff, dare with his “boss” talk numbers, what the fate of this boy will be how?

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